PlayoutONE On This Week In Radio Tech

Dave Brierley-Jones talks to Kirk Harnack on TWIRT about PlayoutONE, Radio Automation, WebVT and LiveMIC.

PlayoutONE Pro

An introduction and in-depth look at PlayoutONE Pro

PlayoutONE Pro

A short introduction and birdseye overview of PlayoutONE Pro

PlayoutONE & GO XLR Mini

Phil walks you through how to use the GO XLR Mini mixer with PlayoutONE and all the features it has to offer.

PlayoutONE & Wheatstone

Chris and Dave walk you throught how PlayoutONE can integrate with Wheatstone.

New WebVT Features May 2020

Chris and Dave walk you throught the new features of PlayoutONE WebVT for May 2020

Broadcasting Live Using WebVT

How to broadcast live using PlayoutONE WebVT, and

PlayoutONE Pro WebVT

An introduction and in-depth look at PlayoutONE Pro WebVT web voice tracking.

PlayoutONE Keyboard

Phil shows you the key functions on the PlayoutONE Keyboard, useful for controlling PlayoutONE in the studio.

Choosing A Soundcard

Dave & Phil review a range of sound cards compatible with PlayoutONE.

Quick Keys

Dave shows you how to use the new PlayoutONE Quick Keys, which now allow attaching audio and commands direct to a quick key.

August 2019 Update

Take a look at our new On Air Control Panel, Station Whiteboard and Hour Notes for WebVT.

Serial Data Receiver

Using Command Markers

How To

VoiceTrack in Standard & Pro

Metadata Cue Sheets

Setting up a Mixer with VoiceTracking

Processing Microphones with Stereo Tool

Choosing a Microphone for Voice Tracking

Introduction to PlayoutONE Monitor

Backups, Weather Information, Email Alerts and More!

Time & Temperature Announcements

In this video we show a quick example of how you can get PlayoutONE Pro to announce the time and temperature.

Getting Started with Standard

This short video will have you up and running with PlayoutONE standard in less than 15 minutes.

Configuring Social Media

Learn how to configure PlayoutONE Pro so that you can post tweets and facebook posts direct from the PlayoutONE OneLOG.

Configuring RunToTime

The guys take you through how to setup RunToTime to create the perfectly timed hour.

July Webinar

Why is Music1 a more powerful solution to those stations wanting more from their music schedules?

June Webinar

Includes a first look at PlayoutONE Pro


Installing PlayoutONE


Using AutoImporter


Save time by automating your external content imports such as News & Pre-Recorded Shows.


Controlling & Manipulating VBanana Mixer


Upgrading from Access to SQL


Remote Voice Tracker setup for radio stations


Remote Voice Tracker setup for DJs

How To

Scheduling & Playing External Internet Streams

How To

Edit a Playlist in the Playlist Editor

How To

Setup PlayoutONE LiveStream V3

Get the PlayoutONE Trial