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PlayoutONE Dark Mode Radio Automation
PlayoutONE Pro WebVT - Remote Voice Tracking in a Browser

Voice tracking in a web browser

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WebVT Remote Voice Tracking in a Browser

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Tablet Remote Control - PlayoutONE Music Automation
3 Way Segue Editing - PlayoutONE Music Automation
Fully Dynamic Log
7.1 Surround Sound - PlayoutONE Music Automation
LiveStream easy to use audio streaming software

Stream audio easily using LiveStream

Fully featured audio streaming with built in logging, silence detection, emergency file play and email on silence, multiple encoder endpoints and more all for just £74.99

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PlayoutONE keyboard

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Radio Automation Software for Everyone

UK based software and radio company Radio Station Solutions Ltd specialise in formulating cost saving and strategic solutions for all walks of broadcasters from the enthusiast to professionals.

Since 2011 their highly popular automation software DARP NG was installed in radio stations up and down the UK and in Europe. However, despite DARP NG being competitively priced people were still looking for ways to operate without the ongoing costs associated with most professional playout software.

The World’s Simplest Radio Automation System.