PlayoutONE Pro

PlayoutONE Pro is designed for broadcast with its dynamic log, ease of use and innovative WebVT system for easy web browser voice tracking on a PC or Mac.

Import your library either fresh or from another system, accept audio from external sources like FTP, Dropbox, OneDrive or via HTTP and even restream other stations or programmes.

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Your Playlists, Forever

With PlayoutONE Pro your playlists are always in front of you. Jump through them, find different days and hours, make changes, voicetrack, everything you would expect to be able to do in one place. Want to know what’s coming up in a few hours? Just click the hour buttons, scroll or page down and you’re there in less than a second. No messing around waiting for playlists to load.

Need something fast? Get it in seconds

Sometimes the simplest process is the best. We’ve taken the act of finding what you’re looking for and created the Media Finder. Find audio quickly with our rapid ONEtouch search system and filter your searches by category and type plus create colourful bookmarks to quickly get back to your most commonly used filters.

Can I voice track in a web browser?

If you want to voice track and manage your logs and audio from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are for that matter, then you may want to consider PlayoutONE Pro with WebVT. WebVT comes with PlayoutONE Pro and allows you and your content providers to record and manage their shows remotely using just a web browser.

Social media

Post to your stations Facebook and Twitter page automatically from PlayoutONE Pro. Let your listeners know what you’re doing, even when they’re not listening. Because PlayoutONE does the posting to your social media accounts directly it can automatically pull information from your log and generate the post for you without you having to actually enter in any information at all.

Auto hooks

Using one simple command you can auto hook up-coming items. Instruct PlayoutONE Pro to play a set number of items as hooks, one after another, forward, reverse or random and intersperse them with selected bridge items and optional in and out audio.

Weather and time information

Get the weather on PlayoutONE and include Time and Temperature announcements right into your log. PlayoutONE Pro allows you to include time and temperature announcments directly into your log, dynamically. All you do is provide the pre-recorded announcements and temperatures and PlayoutONE Pro will do the rest.

Network splits

Multiple Stations or Simulcasting? Get the power of split and networked programming and thanks to the way it works you can run your split programming on the same network or even across the internet with absolutely no delay.


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