Internet Radio Starter Pack


This pack includes PlayoutONE Standard, Music1 SE, Auto Importer, LiveStream, FileCopy & 12 Months Support but saves you 20% when purchased together.

Please Note: PlayoutONE WebVT is not compatible with PlayoutONE Standard. 

PlayoutONE Standard

PlayoutONE Radio Automation is simple to use and gives you the power to operate a great sounding radio station or sustaining service, live or automated, from the comfort of your own premises.It has a wealth of features and you can be up and running within 30 minutes.

Music1 SE

When partnered with PlayoutONE Standard, Music 1 SE (Special Edition) puts the power of a professional radio music scheduler into the hands of internet and digital radio operators. A successful radio station is one that maintains a consistent music selection, song sequence and flow.


FileCopy moves files from one location to another on a schedule. When FileCopy & Auto Importer is installed at your station you can automate 90% of all your external file imports.

Auto Importer

Automate all your audio importing with Auto Importer. Sitting around waiting for files to import is a thing of the past with multiple profiles and parallel processing your audio will be with you within seconds.Auto Importer is streamlined and designed around busy stations with demanding workflows.


Whilst LiveStream shares the same product name and purpose as the previous two LiveStreams, that’s all it shares. It’s a completely new product and can be used with or without PlayoutONE.You can setup as many encoders as you want, all streaming to different servers and at different rates with different codecs from MP3, AAC and AAC+ or OPUS and OGG.

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The perfect pack for Internet Radio!

Save 20% with PlayoutONE Standard, Music1 SE and all the apps you need to run your radio station.

This package includes:

  • PlayoutONE Standard: 1 x License for PlayoutONE Standard Automation.
  • Music1 SE Music Scheduler.
  • Auto Importer: For automated imports of all your PlayoutONE Content.
  • FileCopy: Download files from the Internet, FTP, Dropbox or local folders for import into PlayoutONE via AutoImporter.
  • LiveStream: Encoder, Silence Detector and Logger in one application.
  • 12 Months Support.


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