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Designed For Broadcast
Designed For Individuals
Built On Microsoft SQL Server Database Technology
Voice Tracker
Record voice inserts into playlists for Playout or Mixdown later.
Build simple templates and have AutoDJ pick the songs based on your template each hour to create basic automation.
External Music Scheduler
Accepts playlists/logs from all major external music schedulers. E.g. Music1, PowerGold, Station Playlist, Music Master, Selector.
Music Master Nexus
Interfaces with Music Master Nexus API
Media Finder
Central library of all content within the database, accessible from any PlayoutONE network terminal.
Playlist Segue Editor
Audition and alter the transitions between items in the playlist to add your personality into every segue.
Take any playlist and mix it down to a single or part mp3 or wav.
Meta Cue Sheets
Mixed down audio can contain meta data of individual tracks ready for playback on other PlayoutONE systems.
Time Syncs
Using a variety of Hit, Soft and Gap Markers you can keep your playlists on time or hit network junctions.
Intelligent volume control ensures that any item such as voicetracks aren't drowned out .
Email Alerts
Get notified when things are about to go wrong.
Run to Time
Make every hour fit into an hour using our intelligent Fade, Stretch and Fill commands.
Overlap sweepers and idents with the intro of the next song.
Remote Voice Track form anywhere in the world with just a microphone and web browser.
Silence Detection
Livestream emails and plays an emergency file should the worst happen, ensuring you're not off the air.
Isolation Mode
Avoid downtime when conducting maintenance by transitioning to a local database. Stay on the air whilst rebooting your server.
Music Log Validation
Get notified when music and traffic logs are missing for the next day or weekend.
Audio Logging
All output logged hourly for compliance.
Auto Importer
Automatic importing of external content such as news, weather & pre-recorded shows.
Intelligent downloader to parse FTP, HTTP & Local Network for importing of external content.
Hook Auto Mix
Create dynamic on the fly music montages from the songs coming up next in the Playlist.
Dynamic log that updates across all PlayoutONE terminals inside or outside of the studio.
Social Media Posting
Schedule posts to Facebook & Twitter direct from the ONELog.
Included with all PlayoutONE Pro contracts. Support for PlayoutONE Standard can be purchased on a monthly subscription.
Early Next
Set a marker to instruct where to start the overlap with the intro of the next item.
Missing Copy Report
Get notified of any missing copy or audio items as soon as your traffic log imports for the next day.
Dynamic Meta Data
Customise meta data on individual song cards and types. Option to also change the filler text when idents and adverts are playing.
Traffic Merge
Merge your traffic log with your music log daily without losing any change to the music log.
Cart Rotates
Schedule child carts within parent carts to create your own mini rotations.
Multiple Terminals
PlayoutONE Pro comes with 5 Machine Licenses making it perfect for most radio stations.
Everything Included
All our apps (Auto Importer, LiveStream, FileCopy, Monitor, Surface) & Major Upgrades.
Split Networking
Play different content at the same time (Idents & Adverts) using our split technology.
Weather & Time Announcements
Display the weather and schedule automated time and weather announcements.
Respond to Commands from satellite or IP networks.
Hardware Interfaces
Interfaces with Wheatstone & Axia out of the box
Buyout Option
Low Monthly Lease
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