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MusicMaster Scheduling integration with PlayoutONE Radio Automation

MusicMaster Music Scheduling comes with the superb Nexus Server which allows your MusicMaster system to talk to PlayoutONE Pro so that your music library stays synchronised between the two and even ingests published music schedules to PlayoutONE Pro directly and equally reconciles schedules back to MusicMaster.

Library Exchange

When you enter new music or update songs in either MusicMaster or PlayoutONE Pro, those changes are instantly reflected in the other system. This saves time, reduces error, and keeps your systems constantly updated and in perfect sync.

MusicMaster Library Exchange with PlayoutONE Pro Integration

Smart Song Replacement

If your on-air talent wants to add or swap a song on the fly, they can search the MusicMaster library right from the PlayoutONE Pro interface. Even better, they’ll see which songs are ideal candidates based on your history and rules.

Artist and Category Replacement in PlayoutONE Pro and MusicMaster

Instant Schedule Changes

Quickly respond to breaking artist news by updating your log on the fly. You can push any changes you make to the schedule directly to the PlayoutONE Pro, even if the log is already airing.

MusicMaster and PlayoutONE Pro Nexus Schedule Changes

Automatic Reconciliation

Any changes made to your log in the studio are reconciled back to MusicMaster, so you are always working with the most up-to-date airplay history.

MusicMaster and PlayoutONE Pro Reconcile

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