Who would benefit from a cloud radio station?

How it Works

We will look after the tech for you and help you get it all up and running with our 100 listener slot streaming service. This way you can access the system anytime you wish to manage audio or using our importer technology you can use a simple Dropbox and just add the music on your local machine which will then be intelligently imported.

If you want us to assist you in running the cloud radio station then we can do that for a further cost depending on what your requirements are.

A PlayoutONE Cloud Radio Station gives you all the tools you need to run your radio station.

  • PlayoutONE – Automation.

  • PlayoutONE Remote Voice Tracking – to allow presenters to remotely record into your cloud.

  • PlayoutONE Auto Importer – for remotely importing music / production into your cloud from Dropbox.

  • PlayoutONE Monitor – Monitors everything running on your cloud and alerts you if something is about to go wrong.

  • Streaming – 100 listener slots at 128kbps.

  • Support – when and as you need it.

  • Windows Machine with 100GB hard drive.

Web voice tracking with WebVT on your cloud

Our cloud systems can come with either PlayoutONE Standard or PlayoutONE Pro. If you go for the Pro option then you have the benefit of using WebVT to allow yourself and your content providers easy access to record voice links and upload pre-recorded material.

Find out more about WebVT

Want to Know More?

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