Easy to use Playlists and Playlist Editor

Easy to manipulate playlists and separate playlist editor to allow playlist creation or the recording of new material, using the voice tracker, away from the main live playlist.

Colours can be customized so you can reflect your corporate colours should you so wish.

Easy to use Playlist Editor

Branding and Colours

Want to change PlayoutONE to reflect your personal brand? You can alter the logo that appears in PlayoutONE and also the colours and the logo that is printed on reports.

PlayoutONE Branding

AutoDJ and Playlist Generator

Set and forget with the power of PlayoutONE‘s AutoDJ with Configurable Artist and Title Rotations


Quick Keys and unlimited Quick Key sets

Have your most commonly used audio available to you instantly with Quick Keys.

Simply Drag and Drop to organise and create unlimited pages of Quick Keys.

Easy and Intelligent Audio Importing

Drag and Drop from your file system onto the audio list, Bulk Add, individually add or record directly into PlayoutONE and automatically populate your fields from the file meta data and intelligently find fade points and trim off any silence.

Import data and audio from other audio management systems using the intelligent field mapping system. Save these profiles for future importing.

You can rip from audio CD’s too and any accompanying meta data will be filled in for you if it is available.

Graphical 3 Way Segue Editor

View and tighten the segue’s between audio items on your playlists easily and see the waveforms so you can accurately position your transitions.

Preview your newly set segues before committing them to your playlist by clicking the Play button on the segue editor.

3 Way Segue Editor

Easy Voicetracking and Remote Voicetracking

Adding Voicetracks to a pre build playlist couldn’t be easier. Just navigate to where you would like to put the recorded voicetrack, click the record button and hear the end of the previous item in the playlist and the beginning of the next item.

Got a remote DJ that needs to voice track?

No problem! Remote Voice Tracking comes as standard with PlayoutONE.

4 Audio Players

Device independent audio players allow you to feed your output via multiple hardware or software channels and offer easy and familiar controls.

PlayoutONE player

Media Finder and Searching

Find audio quickly with our rapid ONEtouch search system and filter your searches by category and type plus create colourful bookmarks to quickly get back to your most commonly used filters.

Media Finder

Flexible Categories and Types

Make and name Categories and Types as you like them. Use these to refine your library of audio so that AutoDJ can select the right audio at the right time and also prevent clashes with Title and Artist Rotations which you define per Type as per volume levels.

Types also allow you to define the Pitch and Tempo so audio can be globally affected for that Type.

PlayoutONE Type Manager

Standard Playlist Commands and Definable Commands

Inbuilt commands to allow for AutoDJ profile switching, Playlist management, Loading external audio streams and much more.

Define your own commands to create flexible playlists.

Integrated With Music1

If AutoDJ isn’t powerful enough for your solution then PlayoutONE integrates fully with Music1. Build powerful clocks and perfect rotations.

There’s no duplicating data, the two systems just work and talk together straight out of the box. New songs in PlayoutONE instantly appear in Music1. Changes made in Music1 replicate to PlayouONE.

More information about Music1 can be found at

Remote Control from a Tablet

No need for expensive control keyboards anymore with the PlayoutONE Surface application which simply installs to a Windows 10 based tablet and connects directly to the PlayoutONE machine that you would like to connect to via your LAN or even WAN.

You can take the control surface anywhere and even see what’s currently being played and how long is left to go.

PlayoutONE Surface Remote Control

Keyboards come in over £200 but this little app is just £49.99 and with compatible tablets costing around £89 it’s a cost saver and is more beneficial.

Auto Importing of Audio

Using the PlayoutONE Auto Importer you can have audio simply dropped into a folder, picked up and imported directly into PlayoutONE.

Use it to import new music, news, commercials and spots – anything you can dream up you can do.

You can lock data as well to prevent items being renamed in PlayoutONE and even pull data from any pre-existing meta data in the audio like IDv2 on MP3s or Cart Chunks on WAVs and many more.

PlayoutONE Auto Importer


A lot of stations still use DOS based Batch files (.bat) to perform many file name changing tasks. These .bat files are then executed by the Windows Task Scheduler at set times.

PlayoutONE FileCopy takes the strain away from all this and centralises the whole process.

Keep a check on everything with Monitor

The Monitor application will do just that, it will monitor PlayoutONE, it will also update any billboards and send meta data to your casting server.

Monitor will keep backups of your database, it can open any applications you want it to on startup and it will email you whenever anything goes wrong or isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do.

Built in PPM Audio Level Monitors

Inbuilt level meters reflect the audio being played to the output bus.

Built in PPM Audio Level Monitors

Playlist Mixdown

Mixdown your loaded playlist in full or just the selected items and even add breaks into the playlist so you can split the mixdown into several files easily. Production houses using PlayoutONE have reported to us that 90% of their time producing shows has been saved.

Full Mixdown with Breaks

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