What is your support like?

We have thousands of happy customers and those that have needed to get in touch get responded to usually in a matter of minutes if not hours. We offer free support for 30 days after your purchase. We then encourage you to sign up to our support subscription which is less than the price of [...]

Can I control the envelope volume points on audio?

You can't set and draw your own custom volume points, but in the Segue Editor you will visually see the points where the automatic volume points are. PlayoutONE makes it easy to set various thresholds for volume, fades and even automatic ducking. Volume Ducking can be set to be automatic over voice tracks and other [...]

Is ASIO supported?

Yes, ASIO is supported in PlayoutONE. You simply need to choose to enable it in the settings and then restart PlayoutONE. You will then be able to set the devices and channels you require.