AirLite USB


The AIRLITE from D&R is a superb mixer which provides some powerful functionality for modern, compact studios.

We are proud to be able to integrate PlayoutONE with the AIRLITE which gives the mixer control of PlayoutONE to make fader starts, button starts, play next, voice tracking and more to be controlled from the AIRLITE.

If you have the AIRLITE and would like to try it with PlayoutONE then simply download the XML configuration file for the AIRLITE Keyboard Mapper application and load it into it.

Please note that as the keyboard mapper can be configured in a variety of different ways, and everyone will have their own preference, this XML file is provided to purely give you the starting block with fader start and button starts configured.

Click to Download AIRLITE PlayoutONE XML File

The AIRLITE mixer has 3 balanced, phantom powered mic inputs with inserts for voice processors. Eight stereo line inputs, 4x USB channels  and 1x Telephone VOIP channel.

If you want to connect to an analog phone line a clean feed output is available for connection to an external Hybrid.

Only one physical USB connection is the interface for transferring  4 stereo audio channels from and to your PC, plus control data from the control section and for the meter application.

The VOIP Channel 8 has its own USB connector to be able to have your calls coming from another PC. Connection to a second USB connector on your main PC is of course also possible. Dedicated Talk back to the VOIP channel makes conversation with callers very easy.

The Cue bus is also a communication buss, so the announcer can easily have a discussion with the caller while ON-AIR. Just hit the two related CUE buttons and you’re talking. When a call comes in your attention is instantly drawn by a clear signal to be seen on the Meter screen.

AirLite USB

The D&R AIRLITE’s uncluttered and clearly understandable features makes it the ideal companion for rapid on-the-spot radio programs.

The AIRLITE is professionally built into a metal frame (10kg), potentiometers strongly fixed to the front panel, compact, reliable and ideal for production rooms.

To find out more about the AIRLITE you can download the manual for even more in depth info from their website.

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