Cloud Backup

Keep your audio safe from deletion and ransomware attacks using PlayoutONE Cloud Backup

PlayoutONE Audio Cloud Backup

Your database is precious and building it is a time consuming task over many months and, in some cases, years.

Don’t run the risk of losing your files. Turn on PlayoutONE’s integrated Cloud Backup system in Monitor.

PlayoutONE Cloud Backup Music

You can connect to your own service be it Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

Radio Station Cloud Backup Google Drive

Google Drive

Radio Station Cloud Backup OneDrive


Radio Station Cloud Backup Dropbox



Files are backed up automatically when added or changed, and if they become deleted or affected then they will be automatically replaced in the PlayoutONE system.


If you suffer a ransomware attack then any affected files are not replicated to the cloud.

You also have up to a 10 revisions of a file stored and you can access these easily and get them back.

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