PlayoutONE Changelog

March 2021
NewWebVT Triple Stack now has an overall gain setting.
NewYou can now add a note item directly into the log from within WebVT
NewYou can now specify Rotate Rules to prevent certain child items from being picked depending on category and type.
NewPlayoutONE now supports the LUFS normalisation.
NewPressing SHIFT whilst clicking the Cue button for a specific marker in the edit audio window now jumps you 5 seconds before the marker.
NewA new missing audio icon will be shown on the log should audio be missing from PlayoutONE.
NewNew setting under the log tab within PlayoutONE to enable Automation automatically when the next item is started.
NewNew command to enable or disable the processing of Hit and Soft Markers.
NewItems can now be set to use their own custom colour instead of the type colour. These can also be changed on mass in bulk operations.
NewWhen a new version of PlayoutONE is available, an alert will be displayed on the top bar instead of in the form of a pop up on startup.
NewIf LiveStream detects a DNS change it will automatically drop and reconnect the encoder.
NewNew Synchronise Audio tick box in edit audio window to prevent or allow audio to be synchronised by the ONESynchroniser.
NewThe Missing Audio report has been overhauled to give more information and can now also be run from WebVT.
NewPlayoutONE Monitor has been rewritten completely and now supports Multi Station.
NewWebVT now includes LiveMIC, which allows users to broadcast live through the Web Browser. This also requires a new application (PlayoutONE Studio Monitor) to be installed on the PC in the studio.
NewThe audio history graph has been refined.
NewStart and End dates can now be seen in the Media Finder as well as in the Rotate Selection window.
NewWebVT now shows a timeline in the segue editor to show accurate timing information.
NewWebVT now has jump buttons to take you to the next or previous voice track position (must be configured in Admin settings)
NewWebVT has had a design overhaul. Some settings have now been moved to the newly created ‘Launcher’ similar to PlayoutONE.
NewWebVT now shows any item notes.
NewNew WebVT users now have to have a minimum password length.
NewWithin WebVT you can now sync to a position on the log like in PlayoutONE.
NewHook Next now supports fading of hooks to make transitions smoother.
NewIsolation Mode can now be automatically activated in PlayoutONE should there be a server failure.
NewNew report available in WebVT (Schedule Report) which gives an hour by hour breakdown of logs scheduled in PlayoutONE.
NewWebVT now gives access to PlayoutONE Monitor Status.
NewPredefined commands can now be inserted into the Log from within WebVT.
NewWebVT offers the user the option to choose which columns are displayed in the Media Finder and Log.
NewWebVT now reads in metadata from the Artist and Title fields when added through WebVT.
NewWhen you permanently delete more than 1 item from the log, you’ll now see a warning.
NewAuto Importer can now update locked items in the Log that are either side of a voice track.
NewDuck settings are now station-specific.
NewWebVT now allows you to set the Early Extro in the edit audio window.
NewA new Music Master tab now appears in PlayoutONE if you have the Music Master Nexus integration enabled.
NewNew option in Export Data within PlayoutONE to export a Synchroniser file to be used with ONESynchroniser.
NewWebVT countdown box now flashes when the item is not set to Chain.
NewOn Air Controls within WebVT and On-Air Dashboard now show Wait Commands and Hook Next status.
NewRotates can now be resolved and unresolved for a date range within PlayoutONE.
NewHours can now be locked within WebVT manually.
NewNew option in Bulk Operations to reset hooks positions.
NewFileCopy has support for vCreative.
NewFileCopy has support for copying an existing PlayoutONE UID onto a new UID.
NewPlayoutONE now supports Stretch Filling. Typically used for commercial breaks where the target duration must be met. PlayoutONE can fill these breaks if they are short.
NewWith PlayoutONE Monitor changes, unlimited now playing endpoints can be created per station.
NewPlayoutONE Monitor supports the option to display Dynamic Meta on Now Playing when nothing is playing.
NewPlayoutONE Monitor can monitor hard drives for free space.
NewPlayoutONE Monitor can now monitor the backup directory without actually doing the backing up. Useful if you use another tool to do the backup, but want Monitor to monitor the directory sizes.
NewFileCopy now has an option to only run a job based on a certain DayPart.
NewPlayoutONE has had a number of design improvements.
NewNew Application called Studio Monitor. Typically will live on a machine away from the Server and monitors application running locally. Reports back to PlayoutONE Monitor and is also used to deliver LiveMIC.
NewLiveStream and Studio Monitor can send audio levels to PlayoutONE Monitor to use with Silence Detection.
NewLots of enhancements and improvements across all applications.
NewPlayoutONE Pro now support cueing of audio items.
FixLog window in PlayoutONE used to claim focus and pop up every time a new item played.
FixRotates in the Media Finder would not show a length, even if one was set.
FixWhen screen resolution goes from small to large and PlayoutONE is running then the audio and log screens don’t reapportion the correct amount of rows
FixUser hour restrictions in WebVT didn’t extend to social publishing
FixWebVT Audit Log in PlayoutONE showing the times in UTC not Local
FixMix Player didn’t support Announce Temp and Announce Time
FixStartup after 10 seconds not working if PlayoutONE was in LiveAssist.
FixUp and Down arrow keys didn’t work on the Log or Media Finder in some instances.
FixLivestream, Monitor and FileCopy now store audio devices using Windows Name rather than ID to prevent the incorrect device being chosen after Windows Update.
FixAudio Buffer would sometimes overflow in LiveStream resulting in skips and pops.
FixKill Dates were not being taken into account when resolving rotates.
FixSnippets were not able to be edited once created.
FixStretch Start now will not work unless a Stretch End is found.
FixWebVT Multi Stations were not looking to the main settings for the audio and data locations.
FixWhen adding a .m4a track if convert M4A is set to “Convert M4A to WAV” metadata is not read from the file
FixLiveStream logging into X segments was not obeyed if changed until next restart.
FixItems added by RunToTime were not showing with a different coloured notes icon.
FixAssign Players routine was not recalled if a rotate was resolved in the expected player’s range.
FixDouble Clicking on the History grid wouldn’t take you to that point in the log.
FixGap Times were not being reported correctly in WebVT.
FixWhen adding a social post in WebVT, if you deleted and re-added the same txt re-appears as before.
FixGeneral WebVT performance increases.
FixRunToTime would sometimes drop too many songs, putting the hour under.
FixRefresh Oversweeps command causing user adjusted segued items which are part of an oversweep to be un-adjusted
FixWhen saving a SocialPost as a command, if over 255 characters, it will load into the command window, but the command won’t save.
FixEditing a segue in PlayoutONE or WebVT wouldn’t update the gap time straight away until the next segue happened.
FixRunToTime wouldn’t work if there was only one item after it in the log.
FixSelecting Mono didn’t downmix properly on encoder and logging in LiveStream
FixStretch Start and End commands still worked even if soft-deleted.
FixSetting Hooks in WebVT didn’t always save.
FixHooks would sometimes play twice in Mix Player.
FixRunToTime wouldn’t update air times right away when run.
FixWebVT Whiteboard wouldn’t update unless you refreshed your browser.
FixSQL Trigger fixed so that it doesn’t allow blank UIDs to be processed causing Commands.& Hour Start Markers to be blanked.
Fix‘Only allow user to see certain categories’ within WebVT would prevent users from seeing items not part of any categories also.
FixRecycle bin in PlayoutONE would restore all items even though you selected just one item.
FixAdding Unicode filenames to Mass Importer using Add Folder doesn’t see the proper filenames and replaces them with ??????
FixPlayoutONE Monitor would not tidy up all SQL data when deleting a Multistation
FixWhen pressing the space key and recording a voice track on WebVT, if you were not clicked on the Segue Editor the log would scroll down.
FixMedia Finder wouldn’t refresh automatically if you were looking at a Multistation.
FixImporting item with Cart Chunk Markers through edit audio window would sometimes cause an issue.
FixLong Items in WebVT (Such as Log Notes) would have the titles cut off.
FixMonitor was not always emptying the recycle bin.
July 2020
NoticePlease note that moving forward from v4.08, PlayoutONE will no longer install on Windows 7, x86 or machines with less than 8GB Ram.
NewPlayoutONE Pro: If a child rotate doesn’t contain a title then the parent title is shown in the log instead.
NewPlayoutONE Pro: New setting under LOG to always show the Parent Rotate Title rather than the Child Rotate Title.
NewPlayoutONE Pro: Items that are played away from the log are now added to the reconcile table.
NewPlayoutONE: The item history window now remembers the last range that was set.
NewPlayoutONE Pro: Tooltips for Child Rotate carts now shows the Parent Rotate Title and UID if you hover over the R icon.
NewPlayoutONE: The log, playlist and edit audio window has been optimised for smaller screens
NewPlayoutONE Pro: New option under LOG to restrict users only to Soft Delete.
NewPlayoutONE Pro: If Mixdown markers are found in the log then when clicking on Mixdown, PlayoutONE will mixdown straight away.
NewPlayoutONE: When using the external importer the LastEdited column is now updated to trigger updates to Nexus.
NewPlayoutONE: New mass changer option to update LastEdited time.
NewPlayoutONE Pro: There is a new setting to disable a machine from being able to take On Air control.
NewWebVT: The PlayoutONE keyboard is now compatible with WebVT.
NewWebVT: Audio can now be ‘blanked’ from the edit audio window.
NewWebVT: Hit And Soft Markers can now be inserted into the log from WebVT.
NewWebVT: Playlist icon has been removed in favour of the WebVT menu buttons now working by toggling the playlist view.
NewWebVT: The log out button has been moved to the end of the toolbar.
NewWebVT: There is now a DUCK button which automatically ducks any triple stack that has ducking enabled on it.
NewMonitor: New reconcile menu and options for PlayoutONE Pro
NewMonitor: Now handles all metadata writing instead of PlayoutONE Pro.
NewAuto Importer: New option to make an Import recursive for looking in folders within folders.
NewAuto Importer: New option to merge up to three log files together based on an order column
FixPlayoutONE Pro: An issue the starting the log automatically when starting up PlayoutONE
FixPlayoutONE: Album field max length was too short in the database
FixPlayoutONE Pro: Segue editor wasn’t respecting the ‘Don’t lock this file’ setting.
FixPlayoutONE Standard: Quick Keys command list wasn’t being populated properly for new installations.
FixPlayoutONE Pro: Time stretch command had an error when calculating oversweeps.
FixPlayoutONE Pro: Various Music Master refinements for reconciliation.
FixPlayoutONE Pro: Log scrolling had become broken in version 4.7 for some customers.
FixWebVT: Gap time was flashing on certain occasions.
FixWebVT: To accommodate the stack player, hour notes and whiteboard now shows at half height.
FixWebVT: Sorting by last played in the media finder blanked the media finder.
FixWebVT: When saving an audio item, WebVT wasn’t checking to make sure the Extro was less than the Trim Out
FixWebVT: If a log hadn’t been scheduled then you couldn’t manually add items to an empty hour.
FixWebVT: Chrome memory limit fixed for large files.
FixWebVT: Newer bookmarks were sometimes not showing
FixWebVT: If the cache detects corruption, WebVT now re-downloads the cache after 20seconds.
FixMonitor: Silence detection was missing in 4.7 for PlayoutONE Standard customers.
May 2020
NewDark & Light mode can now be set to change with Sunset & Sunrise for Pro Customers.
NewChild rotate carts can now be added to parents direct from the child cart.
NewLiveStream’s meters now go red to indicate the Emergency File is playing.
NewLiveStream can now be controlled via HTTP and Socket connections. Commands are detailed here
NewReplace from Category and Artist now shows next play as well as last play.
NewThere is now an option in PlayoutONE to choose which format to convert M4a file to (Wav or Mp3).
NewFileCopy now has the option to send MetaData to AutoImporter for downloaded items.
NewFileCopy now has the option to upload files to a FTP Site.
NewFileCopy settings are now stored in the SQL Database rather than registry.
NewMissingCopy, BalanceReport and Emails have had their templates upgraded.
NewRight click menu on the Log/Playlist has been re-organsised to compact options.
NewWebVT now shows QuickKeys.
NewThe PlayoutONE calendar in Pro now shows hours as red if they are not scheduled.
NewWebVT has a new STOP button within the OnAir Controls.
NewWebVT now updates the GapTime every 1 second.
NewWebVT now allows dragging in from the Media Finder.
NewWhen exporting a file from PlayoutONE you now have the ability to choose a variety of different formats.
NewMonitor now has a new Schedule dashboard for Pro Customers.
NewSerial Data Reciever now has an option to not process commands that were sent close together.
FixIn PlayoutONE Pro, if the taskbar was set to hide, then the right click menu would not show.
FixIf you added a new item to PlayoutONE and didn’t set a category then it would not show on the Media Finder.
FixThe Log in PlayoutONE Pro didn’t auto scroll when dragging in the Log.
FixChanging a UID on a cart part of a rotator then stopped that item being part of the rotator.
FixChrome 80.0.3987 broke the segue editor in WebVT versions older than February 2020.
FixM4As would not import when non consolidation wasn’t ticked.
FixReplace from same category was not working as expected.
FixWhen QuickRecording, the type “QuickRecord” was ticked for billboard by default.
FixMix Player didn’t have a default device for new setups.
FixCustom Meta wasn’t always being shown correctly in the Edit Audio Window.
FixPressing Home In PlayoutONE Pro sometimes didn’t take you to Home.
FixQuickKeys were not dynamically updating the artist and title of newly updated carts.
FixWhen restoring items from the Recycle Bin, missing items were not refereshed in the Log for PlayoutONE Pro.
FixFiltering by category was broken by work done in 4.5.
FixItems without an Airtime at the end of an hour were showing with Airtimes not consistent with the hour they were in.
FixThe Missing Report in 4.5 would sometimes cause PlayoutONE Pro to hang.
FixVarious daypart grids were not displaying Am/Pm in Am/Pm format countries.
FixGAP Time was wrong when using a Tempo other than 0 for items.
FixScrolling through the log changed the GapTime format from Am/Pm to 24 hour.
FixLarge amounts of items in one category could slow the display of the replace from category window.
FixHaving a breaknote with a stop chain was ingored if the item before it didn’t play.
NewPlayoutONE can now be launched from the PlayoutONE Launcher for stations needing to connect to Multiple PlayoutONE’s not using MultiStation.
NewLog Snippets. Snippets allow you to create a separate log in Pro and insert it into the main log wherever you choose to. This can be useful for Sports and irregular events that you don’t want to alter your music clocks for. Snippets can be loaded manually or via a command.
NewCommands now work in Mixplayer and Netplayer
NewType Manager can now multiselect items.
NewUsing CTRL on the trash can within the Media Finder skips the recycle bin.
NewUsing CTRL on the trash can in the Log permanently deletes the item from the log.
NewFade times on idividual quick keys can now be set.
NewPredefined Commands and Log Snippets now show in their own little window.
NewSQL Backups are no longer executed from PlayoutONE Pro on first start up.
NewResolved Rotates now show a R on the log indicating the item came from a Rotate.
NewPlayoutONE now supports unicode characters for all new installations.
FixWhen mixing down, the mixdown window would stick if the folder didn’t exist.
Fix12AM hour marker was not showing correctly in AM/PM mode within PlayoutONE Pro Log.
FixWhen minimising the external importer, it would stop importing.
FixChanging the UID of an item wouldn’t then change for exisitng scheduled items in the PlayoutONE Log.
NewWebVT now allows you to record audio in with your voicetracks using the ‘Triplestack’.
NewPlayoutONE now has an option to ‘lock the hour’ automatically from being overwritten by Auto Importer when a voice track has been commited.
NewWebVT now has the ability to edit a category on items in the media finder.
NewPlayoutONE has a new option to condense bookmarks, which allows more to fit on the screen at once.
NewWebVT now handles different sized screens more efficiently.
NewFileCopy Destinations now support Auto Importer profiles directly within FileCopy.
NewMonitor has a new meta data ouput for Mediarealm
NewMonitor has a new custom meta data ouput for HTTP post
NewMonitor has a new custom meta data ouput for UDP
NewMonitor has a new meta data ouput for Aiir.
NewFileCopy can now reschedule a job that has failed.
NewAutoImporter now has a custom failed retry time.
NewAutoImporter now has a custom failed retry time.
NewWebVT shows if the hour has been locked by displaying the hour jump button in red.
NewWebVT now allows you to customise permissions on a per station level for Multi Station customers.
NewSerial Data Receiver has now been renamed to Data Controller
NewData Controller has support for Wheatstone
NewData Controller has a third serial device.
NewData Controller can listen for only certain Serial Commands.
NewWebVT has a new option to ‘Follow The Log’ so that it can be left on screen and keep up to date with the now playing item.
NewWebVT users can now be restricted to only certain types and categories they have access to.
NewStretch Start commands have now been altered so that they accept Human Time rather than just seconds.
NewAuto Importer can now set the chain of a log item based on the the end character of a UID in the log file.
FixCopy and Paste was broken for some users in PlayoutONE Standard in 4.5
FixWhen dropping the On Air connection, PlayoutONE was not dropping split connections .
FixPLAY NEXT CUE would not work properly if there was a command before the CUE MARK
FixNexus integration was using Local Time instead of UTC time for Last Edited.
FixRecording in Mono didn’t always work in the edit audio window.
FixChanging Timings of an item in WebVT didn’t update the Log.
NewData Controller now has support Axia GPIO
NewWebVT tripple stack players has an option for when recording to fade active players when the next item in the log is started.
FixWebVT tripple stack players has an option to chain players together once they have finished.
FixPlayoutONE ASIO bugs in PlayoutONE Standard around the Voice Tracking and Stream Players
NewPlayoutONE has a new command for changing the volume of the current playing item using command markers.
NewLiveStream has a new command to disable or enable the silence detector remotely (e.g. from command within PlayoutONE Log).
February 2020
NewChild rotate carts can now be added to parent rotators using a new browse button for easier selection.
NewThe Hook Next command can now be fired from a Quickkey.
NewHook Next commands now play through a new dedicated ‘Mix Player’
NewPlayoutONE Pro users can now enable all 4 cart players to be in use with the Log.
NewQuick Keys now play rotate carts.
NewRight click option on the media finder to ‘Duplicate a UID’
FixPlayoutONE would crash if there were no logs scheduled and the machine was left On Air for more than 1 hour.
FixWhen deselecting Music1, PlayoutONE would not show you all categories.
FixOversweeps would not re-calculate if you were swapping out with an already fully oversweeped oversweep.
FixEdit audio window would prevent you from normalising a file for a second time.
FixPlaylist in Standard wouldn’t auto start if set to in certain circumstances.
FixPrevented UIDs in WebVT from having spaces in them.
FixThe media finder would not remember it’s state on a second screen.
FixPlayoutONE Pro would sometimes crash if it ran out of logs.
FixOversweeps would not re-calculate if you hard deleted an item from the log.
FixPlayoutONE would sometimes allow you to duplicate the same UID.
FixWhen changing a Parent Rotate Carts UID, the child carts would not follow.
FixMonitor would crash if you closed it using ALT+F4
FixThe edit audio window would not cue to the Trim In marker.
FixCorrupt recordings in WebVT would cause the upload stack to stop uploading.
NewOn Air Controls now hide for 7 days if you hide them using the button in WebVT.
NewView Only of hours has been made more obvious.
NewPlayoutONE Pro & Standard have a new Mix Player for playing items away from the log and playlist.
NewPlayoutONE Pro users can now ‘Unresolve’ an hour of rotates.
NewThere is a new command to fade a hotkey from external commands.
NewHighlighting more than one item in the log now shows the total lenth of those selected items on the bottom of the log in PlayoutONE PRO.
NewThe ‘Add Rotate UID’, ‘Insert UID’ and ‘Replace UID’ functions have been upgraded to the new media finder.
NewCommands now added for full control over the players. This allows users to externally control the players using Pause, Recue, Play, Fade and Eject.
NewNexus Integration with Music Master API
FixBulk changer would sometimes crash PlayoutONE when selecting lots of items.
FixHook Next UID length was limited to 4 characters
FixHook Next Browser didn’t actually do anything.
FixStation whiteboard and Hour Notes in WebVT would trigger a recording when pressing Spacebar.
FixIssue inserting items into log from the Media Finder that UIDs are alpha numeric.
FixDayparted items within the a Rotator were not getting sent to the back of the stack.
FixWhen restoring deleted items in the playlist, if the item that didn’t have an airtime, when reintroduced to be played it didn’t get an assigned player either.
FixWhen using a cue sheet, the cue sheet would remain on the player until PlayoutONE was restarted.
FixThe AutoUID routine would sometimes take time to get the next available UID.
NewThe duck threshold (for detecting when to duck) is now cofigurable in settings.
NewPlaylist items in WebVT now have a preview icon on them.
NewStandard and Pro now have the option to auto duck audio live when VTing.
NewIn Pro, you now have the ability to lock and unlock a range of hours from being overwritten in Auto Importer.
NewYou can now have softmarkers respect drop rules from RunToTime in Pro. This allows you to not drop certain items with a softmarker.
NewThere is an option to quick record into a quick key.
NewQuick Keys can now be globally assigned to a sound device.
NewNetwork Player for playing network splits. This can be assigned to it’s own audio device.
NewLight & Dark Mode for both Standard & Pro can be set in themeing. Refreshed design and launcher also.
NewRemote Progress Player, for controlling the on air machine from another terminal.
NewCue Mark for PlayoutONE Pro allows remote Play Next commands to cue to a specific point in the log (for Satellite & Remote shows with remote starts)
FixWhen exporting audio from the media finder the album field now contains the album information from the database rather than PlayoutONE Meta Data.
NewOn Air / Off Air button can now be disabled or enabled for certain machines for PlayoutONE Pro.
NewAuto Importer has been redesgined to match the rest of the PlayoutONE Suite.
November 2019
NewWebVT now gives Multi Station sites, a new login screen to choose the correct station.
NewWebVT Station whiteboard can now be edited within PlayoutONE settings
NewWebVT hour notes and station whiteboard can be seen within PlayoutONE.
NewRDS TA flag can now be set to be delayed within Monitor when disabling.
NewChanged the Quickkeys so that the name and grid layout can only be changed by clicking the edit button.
NewQuickeys has a new ‘Cue’ option to cue the quick keys onto the cue device.
NewRunToTime option to ignore the drop rule.
NewCommand to launch external programs from PlayoutONE
New12 Hour view mode for regions using 12 hour format across all apps. In WebVT 12 hour mode can be set from the admin login in settings.
NewOn Air Swap command. This allows handing off to another PlayoutONE terminal automatically. Example – swapping from studio to racks computer automatically.
NewWebVT now shows the next hour ahead (read only).
FixSegue editor wasn’t always showing the correct fade pattern.
FixAutoDJ wasn’t always calculating the average length on long items.
FixPausing a quick key and then deleteting it doesn’t clear the quick key on the grid.
FixSwapping items on the playlist using the swap command would allow swapping the current playing item.
FixSocket Api on occasions would not enable.
FixWebVT on air controls could sometimes cause PlayoutONE to crash.
FixAutoID was not always working in Mass Importer and Edit Audio window.
FixUsing back and forward buttons on the seuge editor would somtimes cause PlayoutONE to hang.
FixAutoFill in Multi Station mode wouldn’t fill.
FixDeleting a breaknote would reset the segue points when voice tracking.
FixQuick Keys would not remember their last positon if on a second screen.
FixWebVT would sometimes distort Mono voice tracks.
FixIf multiple items were selected in the media finder, making a search would sometimes cause PlayoutONE to crash.
FixIn WebVT, titles and Artists with HTML entities were not showing properly.
FixFiltering in the media finder would sometimes not show certain items.
FixPlayoutONE Keyboard control re-designed into a new keyboard application that runs separately in the windows tray.
FixIf PlayoutONE was connected to a screen with HDMI audio, when the screen went to sleep it would cause PlayoutONE to crash.
FixIn WebVT, the VT prefix has been restricted to alpha character only.
FixThe segue editor was not showing RunToTime early fades for future items.
FixThe PlayoutONE keyboard could somtimes catch the Quick Key names box and change the name.
FixThe TrimOut was not always being reset on new items imported through the edit audio window.
FixIf starting PlayoutONE Pro without internet, the grace mode box was not clickable due to a window hiding behind it.
September 2019
NewQuickeys have been re-designed to give customizable pages, colours & commands
NewWebVT brings OnAir Controls to users who have the privilege enabled.
NewMonitor for Pro now is responsible for Now Playing data direct from the Datbase rather than from the billboard.txt file. This gives quicker and more reliable updates of Now Playing.
FixImporting new audio in PlayoutONE caused Early Extro to be set to the TrimOut instead of Extro
FixIssue in PlayoutONE Pro where if a marker was reached early it would stop the playout.
FixIn Standard when you Voice track the song you’ve VT’d out of, it’s Length would go to 0
FixIssue where the PLAY UID command was always be playing on player 1.
FixAutoDJ in Standard wasn’t rotating tracks properly. Applied new ordering system.
FixOn some occasions, the Trim Out wasn’t being reset to the duration of new audio being imported.
FixTempo Issue in WebVT where negative tempos caused visual issues
FixMultiStation not showing correct Category in Playlist
NewIf Monitor isn’t running for PlayoutONE Pro setups, then a warning is now shown in PlayoutONE.
NewAny item now being made a split from the playlist has a default command of PLAY UID
NewIn ASIO mode, only ASIO devices are now shown. Direct Sound has been removed from PlayoutONE.
NewFileCopy has a new option to browse for a file in Multi FTP Download mode.
NewRotate carts can now be shuffled after X amount of plays.
NewLiveStream has a new option to use the raw feed rather than the feed from the DSP or VST.
NewOption to hide meta data save warnings in PlayoutONE Pro.
NewMonitor has a new bandwith throttle setting (IPG) to help with moving backup audio and cached audio on slower networks.
NewPlayoutONE Pro has an option to use a new Fade Manager (FM). When enabled, RunToTime is effectively calculated on every segue.
July 2019
NewPlayoutONE has a new option to use ‘Sequential UID’. This gets the next UID available from the start of the media finder rather finding the next UID after the last item in the media finder.
NewIntroduction of WebVT for PlayoutONE Pro.
NewIntroduction of Multi Station. You can now create multiple stations that all share the same media finder.
NewMeta Cue Sheets can now be created from mixdown files which allows the meta data to transfer to other PlayoutONE systems upon playback.
NewRotates, Dayparts & Start / Stop dates can now be mass applied from the bulk editor
NewRotates can now be chosen how far in the future to resolve.
NewLiveStream can now be set to delay sending meta data.
FixCart Chunk markers were not being read correctly in the edit audio window.
FixAuto Importer on some occasions was not locking the on air hour.
NewRotates, Dayparts & Start / Stop dates can now be mass applied from the bulk editor
NewRotates can now be shuffled after a set amount of plays.
NewOption to ignore DayPart restriction for Playback within PlayoutONE.
NewPlayoutONE has a new marker (‘Fillmarker’) which allows you to specific where songs that are added by RunToTime are placed.
NewExport Data option now contains Human Time fields
NewLiveStream logger can now split into user defined timed segments
NewFileCopy has new option on record audio to export a timed segment of the recording
NewMonitor has new MetaData outputs for Jump2Go
NewOption to export audio between trim points
FixIssue where segue editor was clipping audio
FixIssue when soft deleting lots of items in PlayoutONE Pro
NewPlayoutONE Pro can be run in ‘Isolation Mode’ which allows rebooting of the Server whilst keeping PlayoutONE running.
NewFileCopy can now warn when a FTP job doesn’t download the correct number of files.
NewKill dates can now be applied to items in the Media Finder (Pro Only).
FixRecording in the edit audio window was not saving in the correct format.
NewMonitor has support for Audessence and Innovonics RDS encoders.
NewMonitor can talk to No-IP DNS updater.
NewCommand Markers can now be attached to audio within PlayoutONE to trigger commands at designated points within playback.
NewPrint playlist now has an option to show colours like the playlist.
FixThe LoadPlaylist command in Standard would not work if you had a friendly name assigned to it.
FixWindow positions were not always being saved within PlayoutONE.
FixIn AutoDJ, specifying a specific UID would not always work.
FixEarlyNext was sometimes incorrectly being calculated in PlayoutONE Pro.
FixIn PlayoutONE Standard the incorrect ducking was being applied in the Mixdown.
FixLiveStream would not send accented characters to the meta data.
FixPlayoutONE Pro would sometimes show the wrong table header in the edit audio window when adding a rotate.
FixReplace UID in PlayoutONE Pro was on occasions not working.
FixRecording in the Edit Audio window wasn’t always recording in full quality.
FixThe RunToTime command has been refined to be quicker at processing the next hour.
FixVarious SQL Database tweaks and improvements to enhance performance.
Version November 2018
FixAltered the Fade setting in the segue editor when items are overlapping to respect the fade setting in the database.
FixWhen double clicking a note in the log the text box was showing it as a command.
NewAdded length column to the replace same artist and replace same category (PRO only)
NewMoved insert NOTE to be on it’s own instead of in commands menu.
FixMonitor wasn’t always showing the weather for searched cities (PRO Only)
NewFilecopy now allows you to download multiple files from an FTP Server as well as added auto numbering and wildcards.
Version November 2018
FixMarker Change. In PlayoutONE standard if you edited a Marker (Hit or Soft) then the date would default to NOW rather than the date of the marker.
NewLiveStream now supports VST Plugins.
NewPlayoutONE now allows you to right click on the media finder and playlist and play an item from ‘ONEPlayer’. ONEPlayer is stand alone from PlayoutONE and is useful when you need to upgrade PlayoutONE and play a media source from another program. This was usually Window Media Player!
NewPlayoutONE Pro has a new command to play the hooks of items coming up in the playlist automatically (HookNext)
FixRedundant setting removed (Lock Title & Artist)
NewPlayoutONE Pro has a new command to play Time & Temperature announcements
NewPlayoutONE Monitor has the option to sign up to the OpenWeatherMap service for weather information
NewPlayoutONE Pro has a new stop symbol for the chain column in the log.
FixWhen using SWAP Command in PlayoutONE Pro in an hour other than than the on air hour, the air times would not update.
FixSpacebar is now only active once you have started voice tracking. Previously it would trigger the start of voice tracking.
NewAutoImporter can now import into a rotate cart. (PlayoutONE Pro only)
FixNotes and Commands can not have their type changed from the log.
NewLiveStream now has an option to play emergency file to an output on the sound card
NewRotation History grid in PlayoutONE now shows the current hour with a border
NewPlayoutONE Pro has a replace from same artist button
NewPlayoutONE Pro has a replace from same category button
NewPlayoutONE Pro now shows the category in the log.
FixAutoDJ Multi Cut Copy & Paste now working.
NewPlayoutONE Pro can now send social media posts to Facebook & Twitter
FixPlayoutONE Segue Editor was incorrectly marking songs as stop if you segued into them.
NewPlayoutONE Pro HeadUp Display now shows intro time.
NewMusic1 integration now much more robust thanks to Type settings.
NewPlayoutONE Pro has a new command to send an email to specified recipients.
NewThe Media Finder in PlayoutONE now shows a note icon which can be double clicked to expand item notes if present.
NewFileCopy has new GUI
NewFileCopy now has the option to schedule a file record job and export to AutoImporter.
NewSerial Data Receiver has new GUI
NewMonitor has new GUI
FixWhen turning off editing abilities, PlayoutONE Pro was still allowing access to edit audio from the playlist.
FixWhen deleting items from PlayoutONE, peak files were not being removed.
FixMulti Select Cut wasn’t working in PlayoutONE Pro
FixUsers could add punctuation and spaces to the UID field.
FixAssigned players routine wasn’t assigning players if you deleted the whole hour
FixPlayoutONE Mass Importer was reseting file count back to 0 after 500
NewAutoDJ now has colours in the template window
FixPlayoutONE Segue Editor wasn’t respecting Soft Deleted Item in PlayoutONE Pro
NewRight click option in the log to show history for that specific item
NewLiveStream was skipping audio after 2 hours in WASAPi mode.
NewLiveStream was slowing audio down in Mono mode.
NewMonitor now has a meta data schedule tool.
NewSerial Data Receiver has the option to only act upon serial commands depending on time and day of week.
NewSerial Data Receiver can alert via email should a command not have been received within a specific time period
NewRemote Voice Tracker has new method of comparing files which is more reliable.
NewFileCopy can have jobs remotely started and stopped via IP command
NewPlayoutONE has new API for requesting data over IP
NewPlayoutONE Monitor silence detector overhaul.
NewPlayoutONE Auto Importer, LiveStream and Serial Data Receiver can all send emails via PlayoutONE Monitor, meaning 1 set of SMTP details in Monitor only.
NewAutoImporter now has new detection for Early Extro in PlayoutONE Pro.
Version June 2018
NewLiveStream v3. DSP can now be turned or or off using the tick on the top right hand corner of the dsp row.
FixLiveStream v3.ASIO right channel wasn’t saving sound card selection in some cases
FixFileCopy. Folder selection would sometimes return a true or a false instead of the folder output
FixRVT. Profile switch wasn’t always returning the correct profile.
FixPlayoutONE. Segue editor sometimes wasn’t displaying the correct segues.
FixPlayoutONE. When saving a cart with no audio PlayoutONE would use the last cart saved and save it on the cart with no audio.
FixPlayoutONE. Auto Trim and Auto Exro settings were not saving in the settings menu.
NewPlayoutONE. Option under VoiceTrack tab to purge old voice tracks (Requires Monitor to be running)
NewAutoImporter. GES and Broadnet integration
Version June 2018
NewLiveStream v3. Multiple encoder support with AAC+, AAC, MP3, OGG. Audio Logging with automatic deletion of files older than a certain date. Silence detector with automatic failover to a silence file. Full DSP Support.
NewPlayoutONE now only supports Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft Access is no longer supported.
FixPlayoutONE would sometimes not auto start on startup.
NewPlayoutONE audio wall has been replaced with the ‘Media Finder’
FixPlayoutONE license code could not be altered within PlayoutONE.
FixPlayoutONE audio engine had an issue with some M4A’s. We took the decision to convert any M4a to Mp3 on import. PlayoutONE however can still import M4A.
NewPlayoutONE has a new command ‘Play Quickkey X’. This allows you fire a quick key from the log. X denotes the quick key number.
NewPlayoutONE has a new command called ‘FadeStop’ which allows you to fade the current item and stop PlayoutONE.
NewVoice, Command and Note types have been hard coded in settings
NewPlayoutONE playlist editor icon has changed to match the top bar.
FixPlayoutONE Segue Editor sometimes would not save the amended segue.
NewPlayoutONE Voice Tracking has been re-written for greater speed and stability.
NewPlayoutONE has new billboard options you an add into the billboard.
FixPlayoutONE will not save any audio without assigning a type. Items without a type will not play.
NewYou can now set different duck volumes on different types.
NewWhen Remote Voice Tracking in PlayoutONE you now see a much friendlier date for the playlist you’ve requested.
NewYou can now alter a type of a cart directly from the log.
NewYou can now set any player with a chain set to STOP to flash to warn you.
FixAutoDJ wasn’t counting commands in the pre-defined commands window. Now it does
NewVB-Audio Banana mixer support.
NewIf importing a file from another PlayoutONE you get the option to use the embedded meta data.
NewGlobal options to Trim Silence on each import and also find extro.
FixMass importer would only let you import 10 files at a time.
NewWhen splits are connected a STOP button appears on the top blue bar so you can stop whatever is playing on the splits
NewRight click option in the log to STOP EVERYTHING.
NewRVT option to purge out old voice tracks.
NewMonitor meta data outputs to Omnia, LiveStream, FMB80, Deva RDS,
NewAuto Importer V3 allows multiple importer and setting of file data up on import.
NewTraffic Merging with Auto Importer V3
NewRight clicking on the headphone button now gives you the last 10 seconds of the selected audio track in PlayoutONE.
Version 2.1.10227th October 2017
NewWe’ve changed the player waveforms for solid colour bars. This change dramatically reduces the PlayoutONE CPU usage. If  however you really like the waveforms then they can be re-enabled in the settings.
FixVarious bugs and tweaks.
Version 2.1.2
FixIncreased size of Command Parameter window.
FixColours were not displaying after bookmarks used on audio library.
FixAutoDJ wasn’t always selecting items not set with a Type on PlayoutONE upgrade.
FixStopped SoftMarker continuing if previous item was unchained.
Version 2.1.1
NewDisable update message at startup.
Version 2.1
NewVoice track ducking and type ducking. Set ducking on the item you want to enforce ducking on other items. E.G to make songs play quieter underneath voice tracks, tick ducking on voice tracks.
NewOversweeps are now defaulted to Not Fade in the player to stop them fading out.
FixSettings menu would sometimes take a long time to open.
NewButton to access the playlist editor (formerly creator) from the toolbar.
NewPPM Meters. These can be shown on screen to see the levels out of PlayoutONE.
NewHotkey design.
NewControl surface. Gives you big Play and Toggle button. Right click on the keyboard icon to show.
NewConnected Splits. Shows which splits are connected.
NewChain and Fade box is now activated by double clicking rather than single click in the Player.
NewMixdown Markers. Allows you to place multiple markers in the playlist. PlayoutONE will then mixdown each part automatically and output to a folder and filename of your choice. CTRL M inserts the markers.
NewPlaylist history window now auto refreshes.
Fix‘Allow Playlist Update’ setting was updating everything on the playlist rather than just the item with the option ticked on it.
NewLots of background optimisation work to make loading players and playlists quicker (SQL).
FixWhen using the mass importer if you minimised it, then it would stop the import.
FixMass Changer has been re-written as it would sometimes crash when looping through lots of items.
NewPlaylist History window refreshes and new filter options.
NewIn settings you can now upload a logo for the main PlayoutONE bar, and also for the playlist report.
NewAutomation Command. This when switched, instructs PlayoutONE to ignore any unchained items.
NewTitle Bar now contains the Station name and Slogan.
FixRunToTime command would destroy and previous segues setup including VoiceTracks.
NewStreamFade command. This allows a stream to be faded instead of just stopped.
NewCalendar week shows at top of the blue bar.
NewDirect Sound replaced with WASAPI audio protocol. This brings support for 7.1 Soundcards.
NewOption to display a warning if you are about to unload the on air log. This setting can be turned on in settings.
NewWarning when loading logs into the main playlist. Option to turn this on is in settings.
NewStop button to clear and eject the PlayoutONE Cart Players and stop the log.
NewTimeStretch Start & End Marker to time stretch items in a block to a set duration.
NewOption to password protect settings.
FixWait command wasn’t working properly in some circumstance.
NewWhen editing a segue, copy, paste or moving items – segues will now be reset to original position.
NewOption to disable audio editing features within PlayoutONE (Setting).
Version 2.0.49
NewSegue Editor re-design with new right click to play, and fade / non fade tick boxes.
NewSQL Compatibility. PlayoutONE can now be used with Microsoft SQL.
Version 2.0.17
NewAdded new option in type manager to specify which items the RunToTime command can drop.
NewAdded logging to see why the setting menu sometimes take a while to open.
Version 2.0.15
FixOversweep would not oversweep if the previous item was an oversweep.
FixBookmarks sometimes would not show all bookmarks.
NewAdded Playlist Update to the bulk operations list.
Version 2.0.11
FixBulk normalise now adds meta data.
Fix‘Double click to play’ is stored as a setting.
Version 2.0.10
FixOversweeps were not firing correctly if you had intro’s set before Trim In’s.
NewBulk tool to fix intros set before trim in markers.
FixPopup box that would prompt to save a playlist when committing a new segue in the segue editor.
Version 2.0.02
FixChain command wasn’t working on commands.
FixMass importer would stop if you minimised P1.
FixBookmarks would not reset if you cleared the filter.
NewAdded friendly date to the top of date playlists.
Version 2.0.01
FixCP1 would crash if you opened the RVT menu but hadn’t run the RVT app first.
FixHit markers would not be acted upon if they entered the command sequencer early.
FixP1 would enter trial mode if you clicked cancel on the license screen within the program.
FixTimers on a cart would flash if you clicked the recue button without anything in them.
NewBeta released.
Version 1.465
NewOption to turn off the Artist Rotation within Auto DJ profiles.
FixRotation problems when using AUTODJ.
FixWAIT time was not 100% accurate.
NewRUNTOTIME command which will fill or shave to make a playlist fit to an hour. Fill set can be set in the settings.
Version 1.459
NewThe load playlist calendar now remembers the last playlist you loaded.
FixOversweeps would sometimes fade out.
FixIf you ejected two items consecutively then the playlist would stop.
FixIf using RVT you wouldn’t see any Graphic Waveforms when Voice Tracking.
NewPlayoutONE now writes Category and Alt Category into the meta data of a file.
FixTime Markers would cause hours to skip ahead.
Fix/db shortcut would not work.
FixRemoved Playlist Check command as no longer required.
Version 1.446
NewCopy and paste function within Auto DJ builder.
NewUnlimited amount of rows in Auto DJ.
NewVolume control when playing streams.
FixProblem with FTP uploading.
NewGUI design including top menu and players.
NewOption added on the right click menu of the audio list. ‘Double Click To Play’ allows you to double click on a cart and have it play straight away rather than opening for editing.
NewRefined the Remote Voice Tracking procedures. Added new calendar status message boxes to show where the Playlist is on the journey from the station back to the remote DJ.
Version 1.393
NewOption to purge log history after a configurable amount of days.
NewNew playlist loading function added. Playlists now load one hour after the other regardless of the current time.
NewNetwork Splits integration. PlayoutONE can now trigger other PlayoutONE over the internet. Contact Radio Station Solutions for more information.
NewPlaylist print template with customizable font and size.
NewGOption to change tempo on individual songs.
NewOption to change pitch on individual songs.
NewNotes box to edit cart window.
NewOption to record in mono in edit cart window.
NewOption to change tempo on different types.
NewOption to normalise voice tracks on record.