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We offer support packages to suit everyone and every budget.

It’s an uncertain world, and whilst PlayoutONE is reliable, other elements may not be. Don’t leave yourself open to chance and get the backup and support you need.


  • 24 hour email support
  • Free for first 30 days after purchase

Monthly Subscription

£1499 + VAT
  • 24 hour email support
  • Emergency out of hours support *

Emergency out of hours support is charged on top of the monthly subscription price. See FAQ below.

Got Questions About Support?

No. Support is included in all PlayoutONE Pro licenses as standard.

Whilst PlayoutONE is reliable, other elements may not be. Don’t leave yourself open to chance and get the backup and support you need. If something does goes wrong, wouldn’t you feel better knowing help is just an email away and the issue will be resolved quickly?

We don’t force customers to take out a support subscription however, If you do require support and you don’t have a support subscription for your PlayoutONE license(s) then we won’t be able to help until you have a supports subscription in place. We therefore advise customers take a support subscription when they buy PlayoutONE.

You will still get all future PlayoutONE updates free of charge regardless of whether you have a support subscription or not.


License queries are separate to support and don’t require a subscription

If you don’t have a support subscription and need support then you will need one before we can help you. All support subscription are charged monthly in advance and require pre-payment.

Our offices are opening as follows:

UK: Weekdays: 0900 – 2200 (GMT)
US: Weekdays: 0900 – 18:00 (CST)

No they don’t, but the station you are remote voice tracking for does. Contact us for more details.

Yes you will need a support subscription for each PlayoutONE Standard License you have. Support status for each license is shown on the very top bar.

We guarantee a first response within 24 hours. Usually we respond much quicker though.

Have a support subscription?
Call the Emergency Support number and leave a message. Someone will then get back to you.
You will be charged £50.00 per support incident for one of our engineers to help fix your problem. Please make sure you have permission to authorise this cost to your station.

If it’s not an Emergency then you can always email and we will get back to you within normal hours as part of your support subscription.

Don’t have a support subscription?
You’ll need to submit a support request using the form below and we will get back to you within support hours.

Your cloud is covered with support.

If however you have computers running PlayoutONE outside the cloud (For RVT or for Synchronising) then you will require support subscription to to cover these licenses.

No, all prices on our website are VAT Exclusive. If you have a validVAT Number then you may use it at the checkout to remove VAT.

You can purchase support subscriptions from our online store.


Helpful Videos

We are always adding new instructional videos. You can find them here or on our YouTube channel.

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We are always working on new features, applications and also embellishing our existing product base, so we provide documentation online so you’re always sure o the latest information.

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To access our support please get in touch with us. To simplify the process fill in your details here and choose if you want to request support or subscribe to our support system.