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Radio Automation Software for Everyone

UK based software and radio company Radio Station Solutions Ltd specialise in formulating cost saving and strategic solutions for all walks of broadcasters from the enthusiast to professionals.

Since 2011 their highly popular automation software DARP NG has been installed in radio stations up and down the UK and in Europe. However, there is an increasing trend towards buy out requests and whilst DARP NG is very competitively priced people are still looking for ways to operate without the ongoing costs associated with most professional playout software.

PlayoutONE Music Automation

This is where PlayoutONE comes in

It’s a brand new software package which has been written from the ground up by Radio Station Solutions Ltd.

It has been crafted around DARP NG and borrows from its ease of use and intuitive nature. However that is all it borrows – everything else has been coded from scratch and this has allowed for the streamlining of many features and functions. PlayoutONE is not a replacement for DARP NG, it’s a completely different package that empowers everyone to get broadcasting and brings the power of a professional solution to every man.

From the minute you install PlayoutONE you are literally moments away from broadcasting. You could have a station up and running within 10 minutes it’s that easy to setup and use. For what PlayoutONE offers you would be forgiven for thinking that it would cost you thousands but PlayoutONE will cost you nothing more than £99 + VAT *

* VAT is charged automatically to customers purchasing within the European Union.

The World’s Simplest Radio Automation System.